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Social Media & Digital Marketing

Complete Business Consulting is your SUCCESS partner! We manage your social presence as if we were you!

  • research your industry and POST relevant information
  • MANAGE all your campaign strategies/platforms seamlessly
  • Analyze post reach and adjust to increase impact
  • Develop SEO rich, industry sound blogs and post to website and social platforms
  • Interact with your friends and followers

Complete Business Consulting is here to help you BE successful. You CAN get RESULTS and we can ENGAGE, while you focus on running your business. -

Has Your Digital Marketing Cost You Revenue?

Consumer live in a virtual world - internet shopping, streaming, mobile websites, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – successful business owners combine traditional and online business marketing strategies.

You could be losing potential revenue if:

  • It requires a PHD in acronyms and jargon to read your website content
  • Your website is not mobile friendly
  • You sell instead of engage
  • Google can't find you
  • You haven't put your business where your customers are socially

Complete Business Consulting has been helping small businesses GLOBALLY, since 2006. WE are REAL people doing REAL work and our programs work!

Digital Marketing Solutions – Real People Getting Real Results!

Your business needs digital marketing solutions because 80% of the population is ONLINE! Consumers shop, check references, get opinions, decide, refer, and review ONLINE. Traditional marketing alone is not enough. Your business and marketing solutions must keep you PRESENT, CONSISTENT, and ENGAGED with your customers! Your business grows when your digital marketing strategies compliment your traditional marketing efforts.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION – ignore the importance of SEO and your business will fail. 

Search engines find your business based on over 300 “criteria”. They evaluate and rank your business base on your use of: keywords, videos, mobile compatibility, social media postings, social engagement and relevance, and consumer reviews. All other search engines rank based on Google’s criteria. Basically your success is limited by your digital marketing strategy.  

Digital Marketing Tip: Having a Facebook and never posting could actually hurt your Google rankings!

YOU don’t have to memorize 300+ search algorithms and your digital marketing doesn’t have to be confusing or expensive. All you have to do is pick a digital marketing company that can help you succeed online. One that has been around more than 5 years and is dedicated to staying on top of the ever changing digital marketing criteria. Make sure they are real people managing your digital footprint.

Complete Business Consulting is here for you! We work with you to develop traditional and digital marketing solutions. We are real people doing real work to help you be found and grow: 

  • Website Improvement
  • Content Management
  • Online Marketing 
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly
  • Staffing and Training 
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Facebook, G+, Twitter… 
  • Blog, Newsletter



I do not have time to do Facebook and I don't really like it, so having Complete Business Consulting take care of all the internet stuff is wonderful. I can continue to focus on my patients and they make sure I have patients to care for.

Dr. G, The Foot Pain Center of Kansas City

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